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Anonymous asked:

How many followers do you have? How many do you follow? Do you do follow for follow?

I currently have 483 followers, I don’t follow anyone and nooope I don’t do follow for follow. ^^

Anon #1 

Hmm, What kind of Boys over flower anon-san? The Korean one or the Anime => Hana yori Dango in Japanese? I have watched the Korean version of it, but the Anime version still not. Is it good? hihi. Thanks but I don’t really own that. Anyway credits to their owners :D 

Anon #2

Yep I do too. Hmm. I dunt really get but how did I cheer you up? Anyway Thank you for you message. :D 

Anon #3 

Sadly but nooope. I fail as an Otaku lol. well, was it good?  

Hey anons. Please don’t be shy. Because soon anonymous questions won’t be available so. Just be you.. lol xD And sorry for the very late reply. REALLY busy at school. xD


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